The Sputnik Designer Candidate Guide

3a. Responsive Websites

We are, of course, a design and build agency. Great design across desktop, mobile … and everything in between is an absolute must.

Great design for us means;

  • Empathic, on brand, unique look and feel

  • Frictionless customer journey / UX

  • Picking the right UI elements for every use case, and styling them appropriately

Approaches that interest us

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the full rage of UI elements
  • Design consideration from smallest devices to large screens
  • Be able to produce an extensive, well presented and precise style library that shows how each UI element and every single interaction/state that it will undergo
  • 100% consistency across every single design: spacings / colours / position of elements must remain consistent across a project

Approaches that probably won't interest us

  • Off the shelf / theme based designs
  • Designs which could be applied to another organisation just by swapping the logo and a few images
  • UI elements from 1998

Links to three creative and professional logos, demonstrating creativity and artistic ability

Links to two print pieces, demonstrating typography and creative use of brand devices

Links to three bespoke, responsive websites or concepts demonstrating creative use of brand devices and understanding of modern UI elements

Links to two examples of complex dashboards or user journeys, such as customer portals, insurance journeys or airline bookings

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