The Sputnik Designer Candidate Guide

3b. Dashboard / Portals

Approaches that interest us

  • Understanding of complex user journeys
  • Understanding of forms, validation, transitions, drawers, date pickers and the thousands of other digital elements
  • Hierarchy of information
  • Unique charts
  • Consideration for real content and edge cases

Approaches that probably won't interest us

  • Basic deployment of pattern library / theme elements
  • Placeholders and pointless facts, figures and graphs

Links to three creative and professional logos, demonstrating creativity and artistic ability

Links to two print pieces, demonstrating typography and creative use of brand devices

Links to three bespoke, responsive websites or concepts demonstrating creative use of brand devices and understanding of modern UI elements

Links to two examples of complex dashboards or user journeys, such as customer portals, insurance journeys or airline bookings

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