The Sputnik Front End Developer Candidate Guide

4. Letting Us Know If You're Interested

If it bugs you when a pixel is out of place, we’d love to hear from you.

We’d like your application to demonstrate that you understand what we’re looking for, and be supported by specific projects from your portfolio.

We'll think better of your application if you;

  • Points us as specific portfolio pieces that demonstrate the experience we’re looking for, rather than a generic portfolio. It makes our life a little easier 😁
  • Share code through a code repository
  • Demonstrate an understanding (or at least an appreciation of) modern coding practices.
  • Let us know the breadth of your skills (can you also code, animate micro-UI or create video)

We’re less likely to be impressed if you;

  • Provide portfolio examples using off-the-shelf WordPress themes.
  • Provide websites that use BootStrap or other HTML frameworks.
  • Send us Zip files via email, Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Showing Us What You Can Do

We’d like to get an understanding of the skills and experience you’ve developed so far in your career.

The more you can share with us here, the better an understanding we can get of where you might fit in the team.

Even for junior front end developers, we would need you to be able to code responsive web templates from Photoshop, XD or Figma without using a framework such as Bootstrap. If you’re not yet able to do this we won’t be able to offer you a position.

Depending on the level of Front End Developer you’re interested in, we would like to see;

  • Three live responsive websites that you have built from original artwork files. We will be looking at these to see PageSpeed optimisation, W3C compliance and pixel perfect layout across a range of browsers and devices.

  • A code repository demonstrating your file organisation, use of CSS pre-compilers and ability to work with modern dev ops procedures.

  • How you handle online forms, including styling and form validation.

  • Your use of javascript.

  • Your experience in front end frameworks such as React, Ember or Angular.

Links to three hand coded responsive websites that you have built

Links to any Micro-UI or CodePen examples that you have created

Links to animations, videos or anything else that you may think might be of interest

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