The Sputnik Front End Developer Candidate Guide

3b. Highly Performant Websites

Approaches that interest us

  • Be able to create sites that load fast for all users across all devices
  • Know how to produce LCP and FCP numbers that exceed client expectations
  • Be able to work together with a team to produce minified assets, critical CSS, lay loaded content and next generation images
  • Minimal use of dependencies for better control of page speed
  • Knowledge of an experience in delivering core web vitals
  • Be up to date on the latest site performance techniques

Approaches that probably won't interest us

  • Reliance on bloated frameworks, plugins and add-ons
  • Lack of consideration for and use of render blocking assets

Links to three hand coded responsive websites that you have built

Links to any Micro-UI or CodePen examples that you have created

Links to animations, videos or anything else that you may think might be of interest

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