The Sputnik Front End Developer Candidate Guide

3a. Hand coded HTML & CSS

A great deal of thought goes in to our discovery and UX processes. These in turn inform the designers, who painstakingly define every element and ensure padding, margins and borders are consistent.

We rely on our front end developers to ensure that the users experience in the browser is exactly as we'd planned.

We believe the only way to do achieve a perfect result is by hand coding the elements.

Bootstrap might be fine for rapid prototyping, but our designs invariably demand breaking outside of the grid and the introduction of more break points. In the end, the efficiency HTML frameworks offer simply don't transfer to our projects.

Approaches that interest us

  • Semantic and Accessible HTML
  • Fully tested across browsers and devices
  • Coding efficient CSS, being mindful of selectors and specificity
  • Attention to detail in padding, spacing and margins
  • Loading only the files you need on a page

Approaches that probably won't interest us

  • Off the shelf / theme based designs
  • Reliance on CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap or Tailwind

Links to three hand coded responsive websites that you have built

Links to any Micro-UI or CodePen examples that you have created

Links to animations, videos or anything else that you may think might be of interest

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