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When do companies need to pay attention to User Interface Design?

The interface of a website, app, or any product for that matter is the portal of your users into the world of your service, brand, business. 

Users are increasingly becoming accustomed to sleek, clean, intuitive and smart interfaces, with the design industry pushing the boundaries of these daily. Allocating careful attention and resources to this part of the development is crucial and will pay dividends in the long run. 

As an integral part of designing the overall user experience, the crafting of the interface should happen organically as the target audience, the journey and desired outcomes are defined, through research and iterations.

How Sputnik Digital design User Interfaces

  • Defining the interface as the keystone of the user experience and journey overall

  • Going beyond best practice - tailoring, iterating and validating

  • Designing with user intent in mind

  • Being agile, reviewing and respecting the sign-off process

  • Being conscious and respectful of brand guidelines while pushing the style to match purpose

Why choose Sputnik Digital to craft User Interfaces?

  • Experienced

    Our impressive in-house team has more than 10 years’ experience creating frictionless interfaces for products that range from gamified experiences to complex management systems, for businesses of all shapes and sizes across a diverse range of industries.

  • Iterative & Transparent

    We strive to make comprehensible and reusable code that will enable any in-house dev teams or individuals to easily work with our approaches.

  • Focused

    We understand when a bespoke and innovative solution is a must, but also when existing best practice is vital. We apply everything to the specifics of brief, with the expectation of both users and stakeholders always in focus.

  • Loyal to brand

    We are committed to following brand guidelines, but are happy to create a stand-alone visual style that serves the platform specifically while still reflecting the character of the business.

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