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When do companies need Mobile Apps services?

In their 2017 “MMX multi-platform”, Comscore reported that 50% of digital media usage was through mobile apps, compared to 34% access websites via desktop devices, and the trend towards mobile is continuing.

Offering a mobile app can facilitate and encourage regular interaction with your services.

Consumers can conveniently book travel and accommodation, communicate with your support team about an application or discover new products.

Alternatively your mobile app could be deployed to support business operations, such as submitting paperless surveys, or providing engineers with 24/7 access to technical documentation.

How Sputnik Digital design and build Mobile Apps

  • We work with you to understand the needs of both the business and your users, and explore ways in which those needs can be met. The solution can often be inspired by looking at the project through different lenses, including personalisation, mobile specific features, third party integrations, or bringing our experience from out-of-sector ideas including open banking or customer portal development.

  • We build with KPI’s and internal operations at the forefront. The choice of development platform is a balance between delivery timescales, capex and opex budgets, and type of project. Native apps can be quicker and slicker, but an unnecessary upfront and ongoing cost for many data-driven applications.

  • Our designs aim to make the best use of the technology and features smartphones offer so that your customers can take advantage of your services in the most seamless and intelligent way. Every detail is considered, right down to knowing when to use radio buttons rather than drop downs or the placement of form validation and other user notifications.

  • Our apps are future proof and we aim to deliver a package that prepares you for any technology changes further down the line, while we remain on hand for support and maintenance arrangements.

Technology Choice

An important decision to make before developing a mobile app for your business is which technology to employ. The main options are:

  1. Traditional native (Java / Swift).

  2. Javascript framework based app (e.g. React, Ember, Vue etc) compiled into web views using a framework such as Apache Cordova or Ionic Capacitor or packaged into a web app or PWA.

  3. Complete framework solution such as React Native, Flutter or Xamarin.

There are a series of trade-offs with each method. We find that most clients prefer to have a single codebase to build iOS and Android so tend to prefer either javascript frameworks or full mobile frameworks such as React Native rather than the dual skill / dual codebase requirement of full native builds. However, Sputnik can deliver any of the three paradigms and can advise on which may be best suited to a given client.

What is a PWA and do I need one?

In the simplest of terms a PWA is a website or web app that has been enhanced to provide a more native app like experience to the user. They are designed to be reliable, fast loading and have the ability to work offline providing a richer user experience.

Websites can now receive push notifications and have access to other native APIs such as webcams, geolocation and file storage. Mobile web apps and responsive websites can also be installed on a user’s mobile device in much the same way that native apps have previously been, bypassing the need to have a separate app in each app store and for each different mobile platform.

Why choose Sputnik Digital to create your Mobile App?

  • High Quality

    From user experience design through to front end code and API documentation, we deliver to the highest standards.

  • Collaboration & Integration

    Our speciality is to work alongside internal tech teams to deliver whole or discrete parts of systems. We act as a natural, integrated part of your existing team.

  • Agile

    Our Agile squad made up of designers, front end developers, back end developers and project managers actively participate in backlog refinement, sprint planning and daily standups to ensure value is delivered every sprint.

  • Product Optimisation

    Our experience in innovation and digital transformation allows us to offer more than simply a development partner. We can work with your team to understand your organisation’s objectives allowing us to take an active role in shaping the product road map.

  • Security

    Sputnik has built mobile apps in sectors such as financial services which demand the highest levels of security, and bring this experience to every project, large and small.

  • Support & Maintenance

    We are able to offer a range of support and maintenance services, including monitoring, first response, patching and ongoing development, ensuring your optimal performance of your mobile app long after launch

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