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Meaningful Customer Communication

MyFluent required a redesign of their loan management application.

Expanding on existing functionality, we designed & built a user centred product. The primary focus was to enhance the user experience and offer a frictionless journey within the application.


Mobile Design

The new look MyFluent app brings a much improved UI, along with live chat, and Face / Touch ID for improved security, easier customer login, in-app ID verification and document upload.

When logging in for the first time, the users are presented with a quick series of onboarding cards, explaining the features of the app., They are given effective guidance and have access to helper videos explaining the application process.

The application has a different appearance depending on the financial product the user is applying for.

The application allows users to view their MyFluent loan application in real time and communicate with their dedicated Case Manager or Underwriter via chat, wherever they are.

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Streamlining processes for customer convenience and internal efficiency

The MyFluent app helps customers know exactly which documents they need to provide and replaces legacy requirements for items to be posted.

By digitising these processes the average time to loan was reduced by 20% increasing customer satisfaction and reducing business overhead.


We designed for mobile first, choosing to create an adaptive design which caters for mobile devices, as well as fully functional web applications for desktop. This allows MyFluent customers to view the progress of their loan from anywhere, on any device.


Sputnik built the My Fluent app using React front end application giving complete control of design and UX and therefore meeting Fluent's branding requirements. Using the same codebase we packaged the app into a mobile application using Capacitor for iOS and Android and onto the web for a full adaptive web application.

The middleware API application was developed, tested and deployed in Docker containers, giving identical environments across client-side and agency-side environments. This middleware communicates with a number of legacy services and other API based services to power the interactions within the app.


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MyFluent is free for all Fluent Money customers.
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