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When do companies need CRO services?

CRO offers the biggest impact when the company is consistently bringing in high amounts of website traffic: this is when they need to start converting these users to leads and when an incremental increase in conversion makes a huge difference. 

A conversion is an event where a user performs an action that is directly related to the objectives of your website, in line with your business’s KPIs. You may choose to increase conversion on a range of goals: purchases, lead collection, newsletter sign-up, event registration, etc. CRO comes into play for you to be able to attain any of these goals more efficiently and on a larger scale.

Traditional CRO methods, such as A/B testing have their merits, however, on their own, they pose the danger of only scratching the surface and iterating with little value returned over a long period of time. 

At Sputnik Digital, we add a layer of Technical Performance Optimisation, before we move on to employing any of the tools and methods the industry defaults to.

How Sputnik Digital perform CRO

Before spending considerable time each month on making marginal gains, it is our opinion that effort should first be placed on the foundations of the site. By achieving technical excellence across the entire site you ensure that any future efforts are maximised by reducing customer drop off and increasing SEO visibility at the same time. This double effect is very powerful as you not only increase the virtual footfall, but conversion levels at the same time. 

Read more in-depth about our Technical Performance Optimisation service here.

  • Research and strategy - understanding the history of the improvements made so far, analysing the data available and establishing where the business is heading.

  • Looking beneath the surface at front-end code and a range of mechanics that can cause subtle user experience frustrations through the way they have been implemented.

  • Monitoring, iterating and establishing patterns of improvement.

  • Running smart A/B tests. We only pursue hypotheses we are confident about, and we implement tests thoroughly.

  • We focus on actionable metrics. It’s not just about completions, it’s about the business impact. For example, capturing the email address first may put some visitors off, but those that do complete may be more valuable, and those that don’t can be contacted with abandoned journey messages.

Why choose Sputnik Digital to perform CRO?

  • Transformational Gain

    Most agencies’ narrow focus is on optimisation of current journeys to achieve incremental gains through small UI changes. Sputnik Digital aim to augment this granular optimisation with transformational gain through larger UI changes, data enrichment, code and server improvements and integrated business processes.

  • Thoroughness

    We go to great lengths to ensure the full experience reflects the highest quality of engagement, consideration and technical performance - from the smallest interaction right up to the way customers are looked after when they have made their purchase or used your services.

  • Experience

    Our impressive in-house team has more than 10 years’ experience performing CRO in businesses of all shapes and sizes across a range of industries.

  • Collaboration & Integration

    Our speciality is to work alongside internal tech teams to deliver whole or discrete parts of systems. We act as a natural, integrated part of your existing team; no extra project management resource is needed.

The Deceiving CRO Peak

Some facts supporting technical CRO

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