Technical Performance Optimisation

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When do companies need Technical Performance Optimisation?

Technical Performance Optimisation places emphasis on proper coding conventions and faster loading pages, and has measurable impact across technical SEO, website conversion, security and scalability.

All companies that want to maintain a visible and effective online presence need their website / application to be appropriately optimised. This increases their search engine authority, with Google rewarding fast loading sites with better rankings. It also enables users to have a positive and smooth experience, even if they possess slow internet or accessibility issues, which will result in an increase in customer retention.

How Sputnik Digital perform Technical Performance Optimisation

  • We bring experience from previous projects, and knowledge of where to look for both easy wins and marginal gains.

  • We work with your stakeholders, including internal marketing and technical teams, to put together a strategy and workflow to allow us to work in parallel to your ongoing activity without disruption.

  • We work with you to take benchmark measurements to compare, to identify technical improvements such as page load speeds, and revenue KPIs such as search rankings, conversion rates and goals.

  • Our aim is to work through the recommendations to ensure you have a highly optimised, modern code base and server architecture to continue your BAU feature development and marketing activity.

  • We look at the key areas that cause performance inefficiencies, diagnose and address them systematically. You then have the choice of taking over the reigns, or keep us on hand to carry out regular audit and improvement work.

  • Our solutions range from implementing an image optimisation strategy and thoroughly refactoring bloated code to promote speedy load, to using smart markup to assist users with accessibility issues.

Why choose Sputnik Digital?

  • Experienced

    We’ve been optimising websites / applications for enterprise clients for over 20 years and deliver meaningful results for both SMEs and large enterprises.

  • Software Best Practices

    We strive to make comprehensible and reusable code that will enable any in-house dev teams or individuals to easily work with our approaches.

  • Performance Tuning

    We seek out every marginal gain to deliver the best possible experience for your customers and to make the platform fully compatible with search engines.

  • End to End Technology Experts

    Our in-house team has expertise across the technical landscape, from front end code to CMS optimisation and server architecture, ensuring your underlying technology is joined up and works in harmony.

  • “Speak” Your Language

    As well as being technology agnostic, and able to work on projects written in most languages, we also need to work with your in-house team or agency partner. We work alongside the existing stakeholders to ensure our optimisation work is supportive of their past and future roadmap.

  • Proven Results

    Our optimisation service has seen clients gain seven places for high volume search terms to take #1 in Google, and improved conversion rates by as much as 19%.

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