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What do new companies, Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and individual, private investors have in common?

Normally the answer is nothing. Historically IPOs have been accessible only to institutional investors. Now with the use of the Teathers App, individuals can access previously restricted investment opportunities on their phones and companies are able to source new fundraising opportunities.

Empowering Individual Investors, Enabling Companies

The Teathers App enables individuals to gain access to investment opportunities including IPOs. The app opens opportunities for investment normally open to institutional investors and brokerages.

Companies are able to allocate percentages of their released stocks for purchase by private investors opening a new stream of revenue.

Our Design Approach

To realise Teathers' vision, we focused our design to allow:

  • 1

    Private investors to participate in IPOs at the same level as institutional investors

  • 2

    Provide a low cost alternative for companies to run an open offer

  • 3

    Offer Private Client Broking services to brokerages through white label versions of the application

An Investment App Engineered for Disruption

As a new product competing with other investment apps, Teathers needed to provide users with a high value experience. Bugs and unwanted behaviour could easily lead to high user abandonment rates, especially given the high risk subject of investment.

Employing extensive user testing with real private investors, we developed a product that received high reviews on the app store for both iPhone and iPad users.

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