Longfield Case Study

Digital Disruption in Petrochemicals

Longfield are the UK's longest established distributor of polymers. They have made it their modus operandi to disrupt a sector which has been slow to shrug off the shackles of inefficient traditional business practices.


Longfield have a reputation for shaking up the way polymers are sold. Incumbents in the sector have watched helplessly as they've forged new ways to deliver product with increasing efficiency. We got under the skin of a complex and fluctuating commodity market, and used our understanding of digital to create a dynamic, simple to use self service ordering tool that ensures customers are always offered the best price.

Agility through digital allows for rapid scaling at lower cost, helping Longfield to drive their position in the industry.


  1. Increased web traffic
  2. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  3. Improved customer retention
  4. Reflect and promote Longfield's position as an innovator
  5. Improve appeal to manufacturers as a chosen distributor


By communicating the Directors' vision for the business as a disruptive, low cost supplier of high quality polymers, we delivered a website which built upon the impressive growth achieved offline

We conducted in-depth market research and opportunity mapping in order to deliver two management reports. The first, a digital strategy document, explored the existing landscape and identified opportunities for disruption in the sector.

The second document makes recommendations for overhauling the “owned media”, taking the website from it's previous role as an online brochure to become a self serve sales tool.

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