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Combining Mathematics With Language


CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is a teaching method where the pupil is taught the subject in a foreign language.

By holding Maths lessons using French, the pupil is immersed in a foreign language, improving their language skills while simultaneously learning the target subject.


Bilingual children are proven to be better at multi-tasking, are more open minded and greater social and career opportunities. As they get old, research shows that the onset of dementia can be delayed by up to 4.5 years.


Our design and development teams worked together to develop a strategy for implementing CLIL across Britain's 20,000 primary schools, helping our 5-11 year olds develop their Maths and French skills in a fun, engaging and trackable way.


Our proposed strategy leverages exciting, curriculum based game play, gamification, and intuitive UX to make sure our little learners are engaged, and their teachers are able to monitor both individual and class progress, and control the speed at which they learn.

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