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When do companies need to pay attention to UX?

In short, always.

A well designed user experience is an implicit part of a successful and appealing product. As technology products have become more commoditised, UX is a growing competitive differentiator.

UX acts as the backbone of the product, making sure the visual layer of a website or app is logical, fits use context, user attitudes, consumer and market factors, serves the user’s expectations and matches the business’s KPI’s and vision.

Providing users with an outstanding experience is a proof of respect, care and empathy to their desires which will attract loyalty and growth.

Benefits of a well designed user journey

  • Encourages loyalty to brand
  • Increases conversion and retention
  • Propagates good reputation and trustworthiness
  • Prevents costs for development, bug fixing, marketing down the line
  • Contributes to SEO rankings

How Sputnik Digital design User Experience

  • Perform a needs analysis, discovering what needs to integrate with.
  • Discover who is going to use the API.
  • Look at how the API will be secured.
  • Examine whether API throttling will help protect core business functionality.
  • Look at what type of API technology will work best for the project.

Why choose Sputnik Digital to design User Experience?

  • Thorough

    We go to great lengths to ensure the full experience reflects the highest quality of engagement, consideration and technical performance - from the smallest interaction right up to the way customers are looked after when they have made their purchase or used your services.

  • Empathetic

    In designing and building the experience we step outside our roles and aim to fully think and act as our users, informed by a variety of research methods that help us understand intent, context, attitudes, usage, etc.

  • Innovative

    Our aim is to deliver value for all stakeholders and users and this takes us on a journey of innovation. We aim to rethink the brief, question traditional approaches and existing flows, and create a journey that surprises and satisfies. We do this through solid technical build and frictionless interactions.

UX Design Success Story

Swinton Insurance

Enhancing Digital Performance

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"The improvement of the of the Quote to Buy journey is clear and has had a direct effect on sales, particularly on mobile devices."

Adam Moran

Senior Marketing Manager

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