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When do companies need a technical performance audit?

A regular health check is recommended for the businesses’ website, especially where this is the main sales, communication or leads capture channel. If there’s a desire to improve conversion, know whether the website that has been bought is technically good, improve SEO and focus internal teams in the right direction, then a technical performance audit is an essential mechanism in achieving these objectives.

Oftentimes, traditional conversion methods that focus on minor interface changes fall short. This is a signal that more technical elements are affecting your customers’ journey. The audit will analyse factors that impact a website’s ease of use for users and its visibility for search engines. Consideration is taken for the health, performance and speed of the website and whether there are optimisation opportunities available or issues that could be causing damage to the sites health.

How Sputnik perform a Technical Performance Audit

  • Provide an analysis of the front-end web performance and how it contributes to the response time of the website. Baseline metrics will be taken for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, media and page speed. We’ll make suggestions to improve the pages architecture and undertake a code review, supplying optimised examples of problematic areas.

  • Examine the effectiveness of the back-end configuration and its influence on the delivery of the front-end resources. Analyse the server configuration, CMS, database, modules and middleware. Make recommendations for optimising asset distribution and identify security concerns.

  • Determine the accessibility of the website and the resulting effect it will have on people with disabilities or specific accessibility needs. We’ll provide solutions for issues which prevent the use of / or add difficulty to your website in line with the accessibility standards, WCAG 2.1.

  • Identify areas of the website that are poorly optimised or contain invalid configurations which harm SEO. We’ll diagnose the website's broken links, indexability issues, W3C compliance, schema, semantic HTML, headings and provide recommendations to rectify any outstanding issues.

Why choose Sputnik Digital to perform a Technical Performance Audit?

  • Experienced

    Highly experienced team of enterprise-level digital architects able to analyse existing front end back end infrastructure.

  • KPI driven

    No matter what we work on, it is tailored to your needs. We take the time to understand what the ultimate goal is for your business and build our tasks around it. In auditing your website we will pay close attention to the areas that drive revenue and conversion and branch off those to see if the problem stems elsewhere.

  • Concise

    We provide the result of our analysis in a business friendly manner, bringing our findings to life in a clear and digestible style to ensure you gain the maximum business value from our insight.

  • Thorough

    We go to great lengths to ensure the full experience reflects the highest quality of engagement, consideration and technical performance.

  • Versatile

    We always make it a priority for everyone in our delivery team to establish great relationships with our clients’ operations, marketing and technical teams, offering all the tools and support they require to make their mission easy, effective and enjoyable.

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