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When do companies need Competitor Research?

Competitor Research plays an important role in shaping your marketing strategies, but measuring your brand in a bubble or considering research as a one-off exercise ignores the fact that nothing in business stands still. New products and competitors will always emerge in your market and non-traditional competitors are constantly fighting for share of mind, share of heart, and a share of the wallet of your customers.

Unless you consider the broader competitive landscape facing your business, and continue to maintain an up-to-date view, it can be too late to respond when threats from new competitors surface.

No two businesses are the same, but generally we would recommend establishing a baseline position and then refreshing this at a frequency that suits your particular business sector and your competitive environment, anything from once every two months to once a year.

How Sputnik Digital perform Competitor Research

  • We work with you to identify and categorise your Top Ten Competitors.

  • We dig deeper to gain a better understanding of your competitors. By analysing what they’re doing, especially online, we can help determine the opportunities you have to outperform them.

  • We analyse their website SEO approaches and structures to determine how they are affecting search engine ranking behaviour, for example how they are using keywords.

  • We look at their Social Media integration and how they are using this alongside more traditional marketing approaches.

  • We compile the insights to be able to relay to you the areas you need to guard, the areas for improvement and your opportunities.

  • We do everything in a way that can be baselined, so that comparisons can be made over time.

Why choose Sputnik Digital to perform Competitor Research?

  • Experienced

    Our impressive in-house team has more than 10 years’ experience performing Competitor Research in businesses of all shapes and sizes across many industries.

  • Sustainable

    With a particular specialism in the online environment, whatever your industry sector, we have a proven, reliable and repeatable approach to analysing what’s happening outside of your business. The work for you is minimal, all we need is a download of your online data and we take it from there.

  • Focused

    We understand when a bespoke and innovative solution is a must, but also when existing best practice is vital. We apply everything to the specifics of brief, with the expectation of both users and stakeholders always in focus.

  • Concise

    We provide the result of our analysis in a business friendly manner, bringing our findings to life in a clear and digestible style to ensure you gain the maximum business value from our insight.

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