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When do companies need an API?

As companies grow, develop and react to the marketplace, it’s normal for a disparate collection of databases, applications, customer-facing solutions and other digital and physical assets to be adopted. Some of them will be essential to the running of the business; others will be nice-to-haves.

But in almost all cases, they will have been developed in isolation, whether that be bespoke or off the shelf, and the original developers may not have considered the need to integrate with a particular set of applications because it would be impossible to cater to the thousands of potential integration permutations.

The API’s job is to bridge the gap between the two systems, so that system X can read and understand the data and use it to power system Y.

How Sputnik Digital develop APIs

  • Perform a needs analysis, discovering what needs to integrate with.

  • Discover who is going to use the API.

  • Look at how the API will be secured.

  • Examine whether API throttling will help protect core business functionality.

  • Look at what type of API technology will work best for the project.

Why choose Sputnik Digital to develop APIs?

  • Experienced

    Our impressive in-house team has dealt with almost every API situation that is likely to be encountered and can identify and build solutions quickly.

  • Collaborative

    Clients can opt for a complete integration consultancy service and training to ensure their operatives understand how to get the most out of the API.

  • Documented

    We understand the importance of documentation that’s clear, usable and logical so that clients get an API that is reliable and easy to integrate with.

  • Interoperable

    Whatever the nature of the two data systems being linked, Sputnik can create an API for the job.

  • Stable

    Downtime has a cost, so maximum compatibility and efficiency keep clients’ digital operations generating revenue.

  • Standardised

    We will create a logical API structure following standard conventions, making it easy to pick up for third-party developers well in the future.

Example Third Party Integration Diagram

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