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How we’ve helped others

GoCompare Website Development

Implementing a new design across the website, with game changing improvements to SEO and conversion and a 40% improvement in page load speed.

Modular CMS components were developed to enable rapid deployment of new pages by the client’s content marketing team and A/B tests were integrated for the home page and landing pages.

40% improvement in page speed

Teathers Engineering a secure & stable Fintech product

We helped our client enable individuals to gain access to investment opportunities normally open to institutional investors and brokerages.

We created a secure and scalable hybrid app using a single codebase.

Swinton Insurance Uniform Value Delivery

Sputnik Digital manages the Quote & Buy across all of Swinton Insurance personal lines insurance.

Good code pays dividends. By simply rewriting the code, we achieved:

  • 41% Improvement in page load speed
  • 19% Improvement in conversion on mobiles

acino Global Reach

We created an engaging and informative online home for Acino to enhance their mission to deliver high quality products and impact for patients in emerging markets.

In our usual swift manner, on time and on budget, we built a multilingual platform with published data designed to be easily accessed on any device.

Fluent Money Transforming User Experience

We developed a real-time customer portal enabling communication with a dedicated case manager or underwriter for the leading UK secured loans broker.

The traditional messaging platform was upgraded to a friendly and responsive interface that communicates with existing legacy back-end, delivering an enhanced service with minimal technical fuss.

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